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We are dedicated to working one-on-one with businesses and helping them develop a successful online presence and dominate Google through time-tested approaches using proven and effective SEO tools and strategies.

Why hire us?

When you hire Guttenberg internet marketing agency to provide web-based services, internet consulting, and website design services for your local business, you should expect to see results. It’s important to understand that marketing for both businesses, whether small or big, has changed greatly as a result of the internet. Today, people will discover and get to learn about your products or services via the web. On the other hand, for people to find your business, it has to rank very high in the search engine results.

What's search engine optimization?

SEO is especially important to business owners due to the high level of competition. This is what your business needs to knock your competitors down the search engine ladder, by making your way to the top of search engine result pages. None of your competitors will see you coming.

Search engine optimization involves various tools and strategies that get a website ranked higher on major search engines for specific search terms and keyword phrases that are linked and relevant to your products or services and business. We both know that traditional paid advertising no longer works today. Why not let our expert SEO team at our Guttenberg Internet Marketing Agency accomplish better positioning on Google and other search engines through effective SEO strategy?

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Where are you Ranking on Google?

So, what’s your current position on Google for specific keywords people are using to search for your services or products? If you’re not ranking on the first page of search engine results, there’s no way you will ever dominate your competition. We are here to provide you with the solution-search engine optimization


Results in 3 months

Prior to joining us this company received 22 clicks and 2.3k impressions in 3 months. After joining us for 3 months, they have 189 clicks and over 31K impressions. And, this is only the beginning for them!

Previous 3 months (prior to our system)
Last 3 months (with out system)

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

If you wonder how you can get to outrank your competitors in the search engines, our skilled and experienced SEO experts in GUTTENBERG can help. Our expert team utilizes an extremely high level of SEO which very few digital marketing companies even know about. It’s time you outrank your competitors and got your website to the top of Google search results.

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Local SEO

It’s important for you to promote your brand online so that prospects and potential clients in your neighborhood or area can easily find your business. Our team will place your profile on sites such as Merchant Circle, Yelp, and Google Maps so you can rank higher in the local search results.

Social Media Marketing

At ipopup, we employ a personalized strategy and approach when it comes to our social media marketing services. Our services are fashioned in such a way that they will address your unique needs as well as the demands of your target audience.

Web Design

Our goal is to work with our clients and help them translate their businesses into an online presence that engages and attracts customers. When designing or “redesigning” websites, our team ensures our clients get professional, responsive, and good-looking websites that are optimized for search engines and can generate leads.

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